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How Mitsubishi Electric Achieved 99% Customer Satisfaction While Reducing Training Costs by 65% with Collaborative Learning

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Course creation is a breeze

When the only constant of your business is change, you need to be agile. Craft courses at the speed of business with the subject-matter experts who know your business best. Any format, assessment, or expert is a click away.

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Designed for the way we learn today

Bringing your training online shouldn’t mean sacrificing human connection. Enable deeper learning with intentional peer interactions and knowledge sharing. The best part? People can learn in the flow of their work.

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Where your L&D strategy takes flight

It’s hard to be strategic when you’re bogged down with spreadsheets and emails. Scale your impact with flexible tools, and use the LMS for collaborative learning to get all the admin and reporting superpowers you need.

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Sales Enablement
Customer Training
Partner Enablement
Software Training
Leadership and Development
Compliance Training
Frontline Staff Training
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“Over the last decade, 360Learning has built an amazing platform that enables any expert in your company to teach classes online.”

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