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360Learning offers a seamless integration with Cornerstone.

The Learning Engagement platform

360Learning, the leading Learning Engagement Platform, will help your company become a learning organization by empowering your experts.

We allow your experts to create engaging courses and we connect them to your learners.

Why integrate with Cornerstone?

Talent Management Suites are a core element to help attract, enhance and retain talents.

An integration between a Talent Management Suite like Cornestone and 360Learning Engagement Platform leverages the benefits of engaging courses with key HR and business workflows:

  • Onboarding
  • Sales training
  • Change management
  • Product launch
  • Compliance training
  • Performance reviews

Integrating your Talent Suite with 360Learning will allow your company to:

  • Easily subscribe the right courses to the right people
  • Follow the great participation and completion rates offered by the Learning Engagement Platform
  • Deliver appropriate learning statistics to HR teams and managers

A successful integration increases adoption of both platforms.

The integration scheme

360Learning provides a standard connector to Cornerstore OnDemand platform. No custom development is required on both customer and 360Learning side.

Please note that the standard Cornerstone connector is provided only for our Enterprise plan customers.

Single Sign On

Our SSO (Single Sign On) integration allows users to access 360Learning platform without the need for a new specific username and password.

We provide SAML 2.0 and JWT Integration.

Our Single Sign On implementation offers:

  • Smooth transitioning form Cornestone to the 360Learning platform
  • Auto provisioning: users are provisioned automaticaly in the 360Learning platform after the first successful SSO connection

More information on SSO by clicking on this link

Data synchronization

Our standard connector uses both Cornerstone and 360Learning APIs to synchronize key data and statistics on both platforms.

Data sync schema

Use cases


Leaders are the experts in your company our platform will empower to create engaging courses.

Leaders will smoothly log into the 360Learning platform thanks to the Single Sign On integration.

One leaders have created engaging courses on the 360Learning platform, the data for these courses are synced in real time with the Cornerstone course catalog.

Leaders data exchange


Learners can reach the 360Learning platform either from the Talent Suite or directly. In both cases, thanks to Single Sign On, they don't need a specific password for the 360Learning platform.

Learners play their assigned courses on the 360Learning platform. Daily usage statistics are uploaded daily on the Cornerstone platform using the Cornestone API.

Learners data exchange


In this integration scheme, courses catalog and users learning history from the 360Learning platform are available in the Cornerstone databases. You can then integrate all the learning materials from 360Learning into your HR and business workflows.

Admin data exchange


Contact your account manager to setup your Cornerstone integration.

Our technical engineer will setup a functional and technical workshop with you to make sure that the integration matches your functional needs.

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