LiveApril 27, 2:00 PM

What Enterprise Companies Can Learn From One-Person L&D Teams

For L&D teams with ample resources, headcount, and budget, it’s easy to maintain the mindset that “bigger is better”. If we just add more content to our libraries, deliver against more training requests, and roll out new tech to help us deliver faster, we’ll get better results. Right?

In reality, this kind of thinking can be dangerous for any L&D team. Instead of constantly expanding, we must ask ourselves instead: is this strategy really driving demonstrable business value? And is it helping employees to perform better? 

This is where bigger L&D teams can learn a lot from one-person L&D outfits. That’s because one-person teams can’t do everything by themselves: they have to collaborate with others to prioritise the most impactful initiatives and leverage their stakeholders to upskill from within. 

With the economic climate as it stands, L&D departments of every size are being asked to do more with less. Join David James, Chief Learning Officer at 360Learning and Helen Simpson, Head of Growth at Jam Pan for the second session of a two-part series on what enterprise companies can learn from one-person L&D teams. You’ll learn:

  • How to identify problems in your organisation through performance analysis and leveraging the right data
  • How to demonstrate the value of internal collaboration and bring stakeholders with you
  • Concrete examples of learning initiatives that drive business value and don’t break the bank, including induction, first-line manager training and internal mobility 
  • How adopting a growth mindset can maximise your value
  • Why building a curation-first strategy is critical
David James, CLO
David JamesChief Learning Officer
Helen SimpsonHead of Growth