December 1, 6:00 PM

Training and Managing Across Time Zones: Top Strategies for Engaging Global Teams

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Globalization Partners
360Learning Globalization Partners

About Webinar:

Keeping employees motivated — especially in today’s Zoom-saturated world — is tricky. Add the complexity of teams that are spread across the world, and it’s a downright challenge.

When coworkers are based in all four corners of the globe, how can leaders ensure their teams feel engaged with their work and connected to their colleagues? Across time zones, languages, and remote vs. in-person work models, will employees inevitably start to feel frustrated and out of the loop? Or is it possible to retain a strong team spirit?

With smart management tactics and a collaborative learning approach, we know it can be done. We’ll show you how.

Join 360Learning and Globalization Partners on December 1st at 1 pm ET, for a webinar on how to keep global teams learning, motivated, and feeling part of a cohesive company culture.

Learning and development (L&D) professionals and team leads alike will learn:

  • Tips for building asynchronous and engaging training sessions focused on onboarding, professional development, and more
  • Research insights on employee sentiment toward remote work
  • Strategies to engage remote learners with L&D programs thanks to Collaborative Learning


Clémence Condomines
Clémence Condomines
Product Marketing Manager
Jennifer Therrien
Jennifer Therrien
Senior Director of Talent Management