May 11, 1:00 PM

The Right Way To Do Blended Learning, Post-Pandemic

Speakers from
Vyond 360Learning

What is it about

Blended learning as we know it is outdated.

In a post-COVID environment, the split between physical and digital learning is largely irrelevant. Instead, L&D teams need new tools for creating engaging courses that find the right balance between the immediacy of synchronous communication and the convenience of asynchronous training.

By blending these two through a collaborative approach to learning, L&D teams stand a much better chance of engaging learners and improving learning outcomes.

Vyond and 360Learning have teamed up to share how to create a truly engaging, blended learning training program adapted to the realities of 2021.

What you'll learn

  • The new definition of blended learning
  • How to bring Collaborative Learning to your organization
  • How to transform in-person training into digital learning
  • Ideas and best practices for creating engaging instructional content
  • How to effectively (and easily) use videos in blended learning


Erin Champion
Erin Champion
Director of Customer Success
Audrey Jarre
Audrey Jarre
Senior Learning Manager