April 12, 5 PM

The Creator Economy for Corporate Learning

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Josh Bersin

About Webinar

At least 70% of all training in your company comes from your own people, not professional teachers or instructional designers. When you “unlock” these subject matter experts to build content and empower them as “creators” of powerful collaborative learning programs, your training experience is supercharged. Nothing creates a learning culture more than groups of people activated to learn together. Now that there are tools available to facilitate this with ease and efficiency, it’s time for you to jump in. Join this webinar to lead the way for your organization.

What you'll learn

  • Corporate Learning at Scale: Practices that matter the most
  • Empowering SMEs to be Creators: An integral step to fostering a learning culture
  • Lessons From the Frontlines: Examples of creator-driven and collaborative learning approaches


Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin
Nehal Nangia
Nehal Nangia
Senior Manager, Research