September 29, 3:00 PM

Strengthen your Company Culture Through Strategic Hiring and Onboarding

Speakers from
Eleonora Makarouna, I/O Psychologist from Bryq and Sarah Tillett, Learning Manager from 360Learning

How do you know a job is right for you? You’ll probably look at the job description, salary, location, remote work options, perks…but you’ll also surely try to find out what the company culture is like. You’ll want to find a workplace that resonates with who you are—your values, your strengths, and your ambitions.

And, on their end, companies also want to find candidates who will match the culture they’ve worked hard to cultivate. After all, this often means the difference between closing an excellent candidate, or losing them to the competition. But, concretely, how can recruitment teams be sure they’re sourcing and screening the types of applicants that will fit their culture needs? And once an offer is accepted, what tools do L&D teams have at their disposal to ensure new hires are properly oriented and fit in to their new environment?

Eleonora Makarouna, I/O Psychologist from Bryq and Sarah Tillett, Learning Manager from 360Learning, will share their strategies for hiring and onboarding employees that will strengthen your company culture. Join us Thursday, September 29th at 11:00 am ET to learn:

  • Concrete frameworks you can use to assess candidate culture fit
  • How to hire in order to fill your current culture gaps
  • How to structure a 90-day onboarding that supports new hires in embracing your company culture
  • How to save time and involve subject-matter experts in onboarding using collaborative learning 


Eleonora Makarouna
Eleonora Makarouna
I/O Psychologist
Sarah Tillett
Sarah Tillett
Learning Manager