LiveJuly 11, 3:00 PM60 mins

Perception vs Reality:

Why Most Online Learning Programs Are Perceived Well But Perform Poorly

When it comes to online learning, L&D teams still face the age-old question: what’s the return on investment? 

Online learning may have grown in prominence and popularity, but is it working? Why are skills gaps such a problem? And what do we need to do to address them at scale and prove meaningful impact?

In this webinar, our CLO, David James, will tackle these questions head-on. 

Informed by our 2024 State of Online Learning Report, which analyzed the survey results of 2,500+ employees, David will investigate: 

  • How the perception of online learning has changed 
  • What employees like (and don’t like) about online learning
  • Why so many L&D teams still struggle to drive impact with online learning  
  • What performance-driven L&D teams are doing to close skills gaps with online learning

And more…

David JamesChief Learning Officer