LiveNovember 3, 4:00 PM

Peer-Driven or Off-the-Shelf? How the Right Mix of Resources Can Drive Greater Learning Impact

According to one of our recent surveys, both L&D professionals and learners suffer from a lack of time. Yet, it’s also well-known that training programs that aren’t highly relevant and timely for learners will sorely lack engagement and overall impact—and designing these kinds of tailored programs takes loads of time…right?

We believe that with the right mix of peer-driven and off-the-shelf training, learning and development leaders can have their cake and eat it, too. When collaborative learning principles are combined with relevant, ready-to-go content, L&D teams can save on time, all while delivering interactive, contextual learning experiences.

To learn more about how to put this strategy into practice, join David James, CLO at 360Learning, and Pamela Conway, CLO at Intellezy, on November 3rd, 12pm EST. You’ll learn:

  • What learning experiences best fit an off-the-shelf vs peer-driven approach
  • Top techniques for creating content alongside subject-matter experts
  • How to use feedback loops in a collaborative learning approach
  • The best ways for measuring L&D impact
  • Peer-to-peer training’s bonus effect on culture
  • 3 things to keep in mind when establishing peer-to-peer training
Pamela Conway, Intellezy
Pamela ConwayChief Learning Officer
David JamesChief Learning Officer