LiveApril 30, 2:00 PM

Mobile Training, Applied Daily: Inside a Famous Beauty Brand’s Approach to Upskilling Retail Teams

If you’re in L&D, you're no stranger to the challenges of training dispersed teams effectively with few resources. Picture navigating these obstacles when the majority of your trainees lack access to laptops for training, just like Nadia Fihema, Senior Education Manager at Huda Beauty.

Before 360Learning, Nadia grappled with the limitations of face-to-face training. With teams spread across Europe, the US, and the Middle East, geographical constraints hindered their training efforts. Plus, traditional methods couldn't keep up with the fast-paced nature of the beauty industry.

Join us on April 30 at 3pm BST as Nadia shares Huda Beauty's journey to success with 360Learning. From onboarding to product launches, get a behind-the-scenes look at the strategy this L&D team is using to enhance global retail performance, and how she makes mobile learning look easy.  

Gain insights into:

  • how collaborative learning has transformed their training approach
  • how to create engaging and visually appealing learning experiences
  • how to empower your retail teams while elevating your brand

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Graziella VerduciCSP
Nadia FihemaSenior Education Manager UK & EU