September 26, 4:00 PM

Learn By Doing: How Augmented & Virtual Reality Boost L&D Impact

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Digital learning is more exciting than ever. Extended reality (XR) is changing the immersive learning landscape as we know it, with augmented and virtual reality breaking the barriers of hands-on learning. 

These technologies are redefining what it means to create interactive, engaging, and effective learning experiences. Even potentially dangerous or complex procedures can now be taught and practiced safely at scale, with real outcomes to show for it. 

But implementing virtual reality and its accompanying gear into your learning strategy isn’t cheap, so it’s important to assess whether your organization is ready for such an investment–and which specific methods to execute, if so. 

Ready to get started? Join Destery Hildenbrand, XR solution architect at Intellezy, and Vanessa Rivera, Director of Alliances & Partnerships at 360Learning, on September 26th for an exciting discussion on the creative potential and power of immersive learning experiences and technologies in L&D today

You’ll learn about:

  • Different types of immersive learning: augmented reality vs virtual reality
  • Best use cases for each type of immersive learning and its benefits
  • How to effectively incorporate AR and VR experiences into your training
  • Successful immersive learning examples with 360Learning and Intellezy

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Vanessa Rivera
Director of Alliances & Partnerships
Destery Hildenbrand
XR Solution Arquitect