LiveApril 11, 2:00 PM

L & D: Lively & Disagreeable - When our client asks for training...

When our client asks for training...

L&D: Lively & Disagreeable is a different type of event.

Have you ever wanted to hear learning experts with different views explore ways in which they disagree? Respectfully, of course.

Well this is our opportunity to listen in on a couple of L&D titans as they debate.

Join us on April 11 at 3PM BST to see Guy Wallace and Nick Shackleton-Jones discuss and debate the differences in their opinions and approaches in response to questions posed by Gabrielle Bayme and moderated by David James.

The session will be recorded, register to get your free replay.

David JamesChief Learning Officer
Guy WallacePerformance Analyst and Instructional Architect
Nick Shackleton-JonesCEO and Founder
Gabrielle BaymeChief Learning Officer