LiveDecember 8, 3:00 PM

The Key Skills Your L&D Team Needs to Succeed in 2022

2021 was all about keeping our heads above the water.

From moving training from in-person to online to onboarding new hires remotely, L&D teams had to make snap decisions and do their best to survive—often with fewer resources and budgets than they had before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Now, as we try to navigate this new normal and adapt to hybrid working, L&D leaders have an opportunity to reexamine the crucial role L&D teams should play in 2022, with a focus on making the most of limited resources and prioritising the skills needed to facilitate great learning programmes in this new world.

With this in mind, 360Learning has partnered with Jam Pan to show you the key skills your L&D team needs to thrive in 2022. In this session, we’ll explore what your team needs to facilitate course creation, curate dedicated learning communities, and make the most of your resources through leveraging subject-matter experts and external talent.

Register for our webinar with Jonah Goldstein, Head of Learning at 360Learning and John Hinchliffe, Head of Talent atJam Pan, and discover how to effectively structure your L&D team for ultimate success in 2022.

You’ll learn:

  • How to decentralise learning and empower employees to declare their own learning needs through Collaborative Learning
  • Top tips for leveraging subject-matter expertise so L&D teams can move away from being content creators and become course facilitators
  • How traditional L&D roles have evolved and what skills are incorporated in new ‘non-traditional roles’
  • The importance of adopting a hybrid team mindset and the internal support structure you need to scope, plan, implement, and manage skills to meet project needs
John HinchliffeHead of Talent
Jonah GoldsteinHead of Learning