LiveJuly 13, 3:00 PM

Is expert-led collaborative learning a pipe dream?

In theory, it sounds great: SMEs collaborate with L&D teams to create more relevant, impactful courses. 

In reality, it seems more like a pipe dream. 

SMEs don’t have time. They don’t know how to create courses. They’ve relocated to Mars.

The excuses are endless.

But what’s the root cause of the excuses? The avoidance? Does it have to be like this? 

In this interactive session with 360Learning’s CLO David James and LEC Savannah Rollins Marshall, they’ll break down the fundamental shift L&D must make to successfully collaborate with SMEs, why it works, and how the right learning platform can make expert-led collaborative learning possible.

The session will be recorded. Please register to get your free replay.



About “L&D That Works with David James”
“L&D That Works with David James” is our new, recurring event for L&D professionals hungry for insights, best practices, and fresh ways of thinking. Each month, David James and a fellow 360Learning leader host an interactive discussion about a topic related to L&D, talent, and performance. We hope you’ll join us for lively chats, lots of learning, and perhaps some good-natured debate. See you there!

David JamesChief Learning Officer
Savannah Rollins MarshallLearning Engagement Coach