May 10, 4:00 PM

How to Leverage Employee Training to Craft a Holistic DEI Program

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Most companies recognize the importance of intentionally building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace for their employees. But for HR and L&D teams, where should you get started? How can you be sure your efforts are making an impact and hitting the right chords? Where should you focus your energy, and what resources should you mobilize?

Whether you’re looking to build a DEI program from scratch, or striving to perfect a system you have in place, it can be challenging to know which levers drive your desired results.

That’s why 360Learning and LifeLabs Learning have teamed up to discuss what L&D teams can do to support a holistic approach to DEI. Join Jessie Jensen, HR Director and Business Partner, Americas at 360Learning, and Ashley Schwedt, Director of IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Anti-bias) at LifeLabs Learning, to gain practical insights on:

  • How to craft intentionally inclusive programs and policies
  • The role of support networks for minorities
  • How to leverage collaborative learning to achieve DEI goals
  • The knowledge, skills, and behaviors employees - across levels - need to support a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Specific examples of successful DEI training that you can implement in your own organizations


LifeLabs Learning is the source for instantly useful, delightfully unusual, science-backed programs. We teach tipping point skills — the small changes that lead to big impact. We make these skills stick by helping organizations shape their culture and systems for the long-haul. Some of our clients include Venmo, BlackRock, Kaiser Permanente, Andreessen Horowitz, Yale, Glossier, and Lyft.  

360Learning empowers Learning and Development teams to drive culture and growth through Collaborative Learning. Our learning platform combines collaborative tools with the power of an LMS, enabling high-growth companies to unlock learning based on collective expertise instead of top-down knowledge. 360Learning is the easiest way to onboard new employees, train customer-facing teams, and develop professional skills–all from one place. 360Learning powers the future of work at 2,300 organizations. Founded in 2013, 360Learning has raised $240 million with 300+ team members across New York, Paris, and London.


Ashley Schwedt
Director of IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Anti-bias)
Jessie Jensen
HR Director and Business Partner, Americas