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How to Deliver Quality Technical Training Amidst the Pandemic

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The world of work has changed tremendously. Even before the pandemic, coding, data science, cyber, and product design skills were in high demand as the tech sector continued to thrive.

Then COVID hit, and it became more difficult for companies to hang on to top talent. Many employees set their sights on a healthier work-life balance, more meaningful careers, flexible remote schedules, and better professional development opportunities.

On the flip side, employees who lost their jobs in sectors that were hard hit are more eager than ever to retrain in a way that fits their schedule, ambition, and budget.

From employers who want to provide professional development paths for their teams, to individuals looking to make a career change, the question remains: what should good technical training look like in our new pandemic world?

Join 360Learning and Flatiron School on February 23rd at 1pm ET for a presentation on how L&D teams can provide excellent technical training, no matter your depth of in-house expertise.

We’ll go over:

  • When should you consider investing in technical training, and what are the benefits for employer & employee
  • What is the benefit to in-person vs online training, and how does it affect the learner and the providing company
  • What does good technical training curriculum look like for reskilling & upskilling
  • How to harness in-house subject-matter expertise to build courses from scratch
  • Why providing professional development courses is key to employee retention


Giovanni Difeterici
Giovanni Difeterici
Senior Director, Education
Savannah Rollins Marshall
Savannah Rollins Marshall
Learning Engagement Coach