LiveMarch 29, 2:00 PM

How L&D and HR Teams Can Keep People Engaged and Retain Top Talent

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused employees to reevaluate their priorities, including how they see their relationship with work. As a result, more people are turning their backs on jobs they no longer enjoy due to burnout, unfulfillment, and low pay. Now, UK businesses are facing a talent shortage of epic proportions.

This is a wake-up call for employers everywhere. HR and L&D teams need to demonstrate that they are willing to invest in the things people need to be happy at work. From internal mobility to peer learning opportunities, employers need to engage and motivate employees or risk talent walking out the door.

With this in mind, 360Learning has partnered with HiBob to show you what this really means for retention. Join our speakers, David James and Marc Douch, as they discuss how to give employees opportunities to move into more rewarding work, and show you the benefits of promoting talent from within—all with the aim of holding onto your talented workforce.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why adopting peer-driven Collaborative Learning is critical to retain talent
  • How upskilling from within can increase employee satisfaction and close skill gaps
  • How to develop an employer brand to keep employees on board
  • Why motivating and engaging workers is instrumental in decreasing quit rates


HiBob was founded to modernize HR tech. Hibob's intuitive and data-driven platform, bob, was built for the way people work today: globally, remotely, and collaboratively. Since its launch in 2015, bob has become the HRIS of choice for more than 1,800 companies who understand that a powerful, agile HR tech suite is a key driver of organizational success.

360Learning empowers Learning and Development teams to drive culture and growth through Collaborative Learning. Our learning platform combines collaborative tools with the power of an LMS, enabling high-growth companies to unlock learning based on collective expertise instead of top-down knowledge. 360Learning is the easiest way to onboard new employees, train customer-facing teams, and develop professional skills–all from one place. 360Learning powers the future of work at 2,300 organizations. Founded in 2013, 360Learning has raised $240 million with 300+ team members across New York, Paris, and London.

Marc Douch
Marc DouchTalent Acquisition Manager - Europe
David James
David JamesChief Learning Officer