March 17, 2:00 PM

How ConnectWise Helps Every New Hire Make An Immediate Impact

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As a leading provider of managed IT services, ConnectWise knows the value of offering the right support at the right time. But how does ConnectWise support its new hires to make the right start in their roles? How does it ensure an onboarding experience that is streamlined, simple, and–dare we say it–fun? 

The answer? Flexible onboarding with Collaborative Learning. Drawing from its rich pool of subject-matter experts, ConnectWise has built an onboarding program to connect new starters with their teams, centralize learning resources, and help learners ramp up fast with bite-sized modules focused on real-world examples.

With such a great start, every one of ConnectWise’s hires has the resources and support they need to upskill on new tasks, get to know their new teammates, and find the information they need to make an impact from day one. Even better, ConnectWise can build, ship, and iterate courses quickly, keeping information up-to-date even when the market is moving fast.

Join Lee Savage, Help Desk Trainer at ConnectWise, in conversation with Tom Baragwanath, Global Head of Content at 360Learning, on March 17 at 10am EDT / 3pm CET to hear how ConnectWise:

  • Cuts their module development time from months down to just 1-2 weeks
  • Shares insights about its ITNation community with new learners 
  • Builds tailored and engaging courses without overburdening desk technicians and SMEs
  • Keeps new hires engaged with bite-sized and impactful training
  • Speeds up its learning-to-use ratio by encouraging learners to put their training into practice immediately

Attendance is limited–don’t miss out! 


Lee Savage
Lee Savage
Help Desk Trainer
Tom Baragwanath
Tom Baragwanath
Global Head of Content