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How HR Teams Can Champion a ‘People-First’ HR Strategy

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The shift to working from home this past year has been a big challenge for a lot of people. For organizations that have transitioned from in-person to remote work environments, this shift can make some employees feel less like valued members of a team and more like numbers on a spreadsheet.

In this novel working environment, people need to feel supported to do their best work–especially if they are new hires. When people can’t see each other in person every day, they need mentorship and coaching that promote empowerment and professional development. They also need clear, transparent communication on key questions like salary, internal mobility, and the support available to them.

With a people-first HR strategy, HR teams can tackle these issues head-on by helping to keep employees engaged and motivated, even in a fully remote working environment.

What you'll learn

  • How to build a people-first culture through mentorship
  • Best practices for creating a culture of transparency across the organization
  • Using automation to help HR teams focus less on low-value repetitive tasks and more on creating relationships and offering the support people need
  • Creating an impactful L&D program for both new hires and established employees


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Allie Collins
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Matthew Reeves
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Jonah Goldstein
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