March 20, 3:00 PM

Creating a successful AI-powered L&D strategy

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Building an agile and adaptable workforce is essential in the modern workplace. As technology and the demand for new skills grow faster every day, organizations need to learn to quickly navigate through uncertainty and disruption–making a skills-based L&D strategy more critical than ever.

Companies who prioritize the systematic mapping of skills and align their development to bridge skills gaps, predictably and reliably, will be better able to better support, upskill, and retain their talent through fast-evolving business landscapes.

On March 20th, join 360Learning’s CLO David James and Talaera’s Co-founder & COO Mel MacMahon, as they discuss how and why an AI-powered skills-based L&D strategy is the ultimate solution to closing skills gaps at scale, and also ensuring your learning initiatives stay aligned with business priorities. 

You’ll learn about:

  • How AI-powered skills mapping aligns and supercharges an organization's L&D function
  • Filling proprietary skills gaps with tailored content and collaborative learning 
  • Boosting learner and SME performance with a skills-based L&D strategy

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David James
Chief Learning Officer
Mel MacMahon
Co-Founder and COO