LiveMay 10, 1:00 PM

Beyond Retro: The secret to solving critical business challenges with peer-driven L&D

If you’re in L&D, it’s likely you’ve experienced the difficulties of keeping up with the pace of course creation. That’s especially true when you’re rolling solo.

Back in 2019, Ashley Emerson, L&D Manager at Beyond Retro, knew all too well the challenges of delivering face to face training courses alone. The approach was expensive, inconsistent, and unscalable.

Ashley needed to change tack—she was searching for a solution that would allow her to consistently deliver content for the entire company, onboard and train all employees, and increase employee engagement rates through professional development.

When Ashley discovered collaborative learning, she knew her requirements would be met with this approach—and she never looked back.

In 2020, she joined Bank & Vogue to replicate the Beyond Retro L&D program. The results have been huge.

Ashley has successfully proven the value of the L&D department and shown how peer-driven learning can help solve critical business challenges. With collaborative learning, Bank and Vogue has:

  • Tripled their employee engagement rate
  • Implemented a scalable onboarding process that provides a great experience for all new hires
  • Successfully leveraged internal subject-matter expertise for content creation
  • Trained employees on a wide range of topics including company culture, processes, and compliance
  • Reduced training costs
  • Reduced onboarding time from two weeks to two hours

Ready to learn more about how Beyond Retro and Bank & Vogue use 360Learning for their learning programs? Join us on May 10 at 3pm BST to hear from Ashley Emerson, L&D Manager at Bank and Vogue, and Lina Garcia, Head of Customer Success at 360Learning UK as they share Beyond Retro’s full success story.

Lina GarciaHead of Customer Success, UK
Ashley EmersonGlobal Learning & Development Manager