November 29, 4:00 PM

Gratitude & Growth: How Employee Development & Recognition Impact Business Performance

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L&D and Total Rewards are often two separate roles, if not two separate teams. But like the Planeteers, we get more done with our powers combined. Find out how your existing L&D and R&R programs can integrate both formally and informally to drive better outcomes for individuals and the organization. We’ll highlight why banding together is especially impactful in a hybrid or remote work setting, which can be a challenge for team cohesiveness and motivation.

Want to see how building a culture of appreciation and learning positively impacts your workforce? Join Achievers’ Caitlin Nobes, AWI Lead Analyst and Lauren Clarke, 360Learning’s Global Learning and Development Manager, on November 29th at 11am EST to learn:

  • How to train managers on meaningful recognition
  • Why professional development is a form of recognition of potential growth
  • How to create a culture of progress, not perfection
  • The ins and outs of incorporating recognition and reward into training outcomes
  • How to recognize for culture and values-aligned behavior changes 

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Lauren Clarke
Global L&D Manager
Caitlin Nobes
AWI Lead Analyst