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We surveyed over 1,000 Americans about the Great Resignation. Here's what they said.

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L&D teams are key in ensuring employee retention. Here's why.

The Great Resignation radically shifted employees' expectations about their jobs. Although work remains central to many Americans' identities, they're looking more and more for employment that's meaningful, rewarding, and respectful of a healthy work/life balance.

L&D teams are uniquely placed to help create the kind of workplaces people don't want to quit. In our report, which summarizes our survey findings of over 1,000 American employees, you'll learn:

- How burnout is affecting managers and individual contributors, and how to mitigate it

- Why baby boomers are choosing early retirement, and why we need to lure them back to work

- How women's experience of the Great Resignation differs from men's, and how L&D teams can level the playing field