Enabling Top Performing Sales Teams

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Enabling Top Performing Sales Teams

How the fastest growing organisations onboard, train & develop their sales teams.

This book provides a modern playbook for solving the most critical sales problems with learning initiatives.

What's inside

11 chapters written by Sales Leaders from hottest SaaS companies

Chapter 1
Building a Sales Enablement Team
Why sales enablement should be your second sales hire.
Chapter 2
Building the Sales Training Feedback Loop
How Pendo used qualitative insights and quantitative data to improve its sales training.
Chapter 3
Sales Training Iteration
Using the scientific method to improve sales training performance.
Chapter 4
Collaborative Learning in Sales
It takes a village to train a sales rep.
Chapter 5
Sourcing Sales Training Feedback
Helping sales managers fix performance issues with better training.
Chapter 6
Learning in the Flow of Work
Building Practical Skills for Sales Reps to thrive in the real world.
Chapter 7
Sales Skills Exercises
Creating a low-stress practice environment for sales reps.
Chapter 8
Sales Career Development
Helping reps grow with a Japanese philosophy called Ikigai.
Chapter 9
Sales Coaching
Break decade-long selling habits with regular coaching.
Chapter 10
Uncovering Sales Leaders
Creating stepping stones to sales leadership with player-coaches.