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Level-Up your HR with Flexible Employee Management

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Automatically sync your people data to keep both systems up-to-date
Eliminate double data entry with automatic account provisioning


GoCo’s flexible, all-in-one HR solution makes it easy to automate and customize your HR processes so you can focus on your people, not paperwork. Our integration with 360Learning makes it easy to streamline your training process and eliminate double data entry by keeping data synced between systems.

Automatically sync your people data

New team members, roles, and relocations are a cause for celebration, not dread. Sync essential employee information daily to keep 360Learning up-to-date with your GoCo people data.

Flexible implementation to fit your business

No two organizations are the same, and you need flexible solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. Our GoCo integration provides maximal flexibility to meet your existing HR infrastructure, without requiring any custom development or IT setup. With support for users, labels, custom fields, and more, you choose what to sync and we’ll do the rest.