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Pivot to Performance Episode 2, with Carl Binder

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pivot to performance episode two

The pivot to performance describes why and how Learning & Development leaders have shifted their focus from ‘providing learning’ to ‘affecting performance’. For too long within the profession, L&D professionals believe it’s inevitable that providing enough ‘learning’ will result in improved performance and increased capability. But that’s not the case. The only way to predictably and reliably affect the way the work is done and the results gained from doing the work in the expected and rewarded ways is with analysis of the work context and laser-focused, contextually relevant resources and experiences.

In season two of the Pivot To Performance series, Guy Wallace and David James will discuss with guests the shift that they have made in order to more predictably and reliably affect individual and organisational performance, achieving demonstrable impact as a consequence. 

Join us every two weeks from October 5th for 5 episodes during which we will unpack the approach and methods that each guest has employed and the impact they’ve gained. The final episode will be a panel discussion with all the guests returning for a highly practical and interactive conversation with participants ready to make their own pivot to performance.


David James
David James
Chief Learning Officer
Guy Wallace
Performance Analyst and Instructional Architect
Carl Binder
Carl Binder