LiveMay 28, 5:00 PM60 mins

Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Growth and Development

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What it's about

The ability to continuously learn and adapt is essential for organizations to stay competitive. As skills quickly become outdated and new competencies are constantly in demand, fostering a culture of continuous growth and development is crucial for long-term success.

Join us for “Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Growth and Development,” where we’ll explore the significance of continuous learning and solutions that help facilitate this process.

What we'll cover

  • Understand the challenges posed by the rapid pace of change in skills and competencies
  • Recognize the competitive advantage that a culture of continuous learning can provide
  • Explore how personalized learning paths and opportunities for feedback and reflection benefits all parties
  • Secure leadership buy-in for growth opportunities and set clear learning objectives
  • Provide the necessary resources, support, and recognition for learning achievements
  • Encourage a growth mindset and foster a collaborative learning environment
David JamesCLO
Amber AnzaloneSenior People Operations Manager