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Our comprehensive API lets you automate several instructions related to users, groups and training programs. By using our set of secured public functions, you can easily create connections between 360Learning and a third party software or a website.

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Full developers documentation

The full documentation for developers is available online at https://api.360learning.com.

It provides a state of the art interface to discover, search and learn how to implement the different calls, with sample code in 7 languages and sample responses.

If you use Postman (which we highly recommend), you can also benefit from a one-click import of all our configuration, which will get you started immediately (enter your credentials and start making your first calls right away).

Getting Started


Because the REST API is based on open standards, you can use any web development language to access the API.

The Content-Type must be application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

The REST API returns JSON files.




Authentication uses two parameters in the URL:

  • Your company id (company)
  • Your API key (apiKey)

You must pass the company and apiKey parameters in the URL after the method route. Examples are available in our full documentation.

If you do not have these two keys, please read section "Implementation process" below.


You can test the API and get familiar with its JSON responses using standard tools. 360Learning recommends Postman (getpostman.com).

Methods summary

We have designed our API to provide a large range of integration possibilities.

Here is a sample list of methods available in our API, for a complete and up to date list, please visit



  • Invite a user
  • Create a user
  • Update a user
  • Add a manager
  • Remove a manager
  • Get a user’s info
  • Get the users list
  • Delete a user


  • Get a group’s info
  • Get the groups list
  • Add a user to a group
  • Remove a user from a group
  • Delete a group


  • Invite a group to a program
  • Remove a group from a program
  • Invite a user to a program
  • Remove a user from a program
  • Get user’s stats for a given program
  • Get the programs list


  • Get user’s stats for a given course
  • Get the courses list

Implementation process

Please note that the 360Learning API is only available in the Enterprise plan.

Request your API credentials directly from the settings screen of your administrator page. API in settings menu

Your will receive:

  • Your company id (company)
  • Your API Key (apiKey)

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