30 MIN

360Learning’s Vision & Roadmap in 2019


Corporate learning isn’t going away — but it is getting collaborative. Just like Slack, Salesforce or Github have changed the way teams are working together, 360Learning is changing the way your employees can learn, train and grow together. So they can compete at the speed of modern business.

Join us for an exciting chat with Nicolas Hernandez, 360Learning's CEO, and Camille Charaudeau, VP Strategy, to ask all your questions about Collaborative Learning and how it will disrupt your current L&D strategies.

What you'll learn

Our vision for the future of learning and why current L&D strategies need to get more collaborative.

How it will transform your company for the better, so teams can learn and train together at the speed of business.

What's coming next for 2019 with more solutions to support Collaborative Learning.

Our speaker(s)
Nicolas Hernandez
Camille Charaudeau
VP of Strategy @360Learning

Why choose us?

Comparison of the 360Learning solution

Traditional Elearning
Impacting your corporate culture
Loss of motivation
Smart Human Interactions in courses
Offline training on mobile
Set-up costs
Over 20,000 $
Ongoing indivual support
Getting started
Few days
Several months
Cost of new online course
Free by creating them yourself
Service provider to pay
Time for creating / rolling out an online course
A few hours
2 - 6 months
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Embracing the Learning Organization model
How adopting a culture of learning will increase employee engagement
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